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Visiting the Motorcycle Room on Thesen Island in Knysna was sooo much fun. It brought the little kid out in us again … and, admittedly, some serious motorcycle envy.

Even if you’re not really into motorcycles you will definitely be able to appreciate this collection … and it may even convert you into a fan. Who knows? It surely sparked an interest in us …

Initially simply going to see the Honda CRF250 that the solo woman adventurer and YouTuber, Itchy Boots, rode through Southern Africa, we ended up spending a good two and half hours admiring the stunning collection of machines so well displayed. We got a really close up look at the Honda, Savannah, that we’d gone to see, and thanks to Norman, we’d even get to see where the tail of the bike had literally broken off during the Kalahari Rally.

Norman would also start up some awesome sounding bikes for us, revving the place up with that characteristic ‘biker’ noise. We could literally feel the vibrations as these beasts roared up a storm in the confines of the top floor of the parking garage that serves as a display room for no less than 150 bikes.

There are bikes of all descriptions including custom builds, super bikes, limited editions, adventure bikes, and even one with a sidecar. Winners of events like the Roof of Africa stand proudly on the floor, still with all the appropriate stickers and signage. There are famous signatures on bikes and pictures with folks like Charlie Boorman of the Long Way Round and Long Way Down fame. Jackets and helmets, maps and even luggage used by various riders completing feats like Cape to Cairo are all on display.

Of course the overland adventurer’s bikes interested us the most but there are some awesome machines with equally awesome price tags. Between the Harleys, Ducatis and KTM’s there are some three wheelers, mini bikes and even a copper custom with an ignition switch from a WW1 plane, complete with ‘FLAPS’ and ‘TAKE OFF’ written on it.

I never knew that motorcycles could hold such a charm for me … maybe we should exchange Hamilton the Hilux for one, or two, of those two wheel beasts?



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