Hi, we are Lynsey and Suzann, but most people know us as ‘Cross Africa’.

We are sisters who have always had a passion for travel, the outdoors, sharing experiences and living fearlessly.

In 2019 we finally traded the security of professional careers in health care for the freedom of the open road.

Since then we have cycled from the southern tip of Africa to her highest point, a journey of, close to 9000 kilometres across 5 countries; climbed the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro; and completed a relay biathlon of running and cycling along the 2800km South African coastline.

Currently we are traveling, overland style, to various destinations in our home country, South Africa. We have completed a circuit of the northern-most National Parks, including the famous Kruger, done the Garden Route and have just completed a trip through the Kalahari. Next stop, the mountains of South Africa…

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                               … SEE YOU FURTHER DOWN THE ROAD!