A 52 day journey

  • West Coast desert, Namaqualand flowers, Swartland wheatfields and the winelands of the Boland
  • The Whale Route of the Overberg to the Southern Tip of Africa, Agulhas
  • Garden Route, Tsitsikamma deep forest and the 1820 Settler Country
  • Wild Coast rivers and grasslands and the majestic beauty of the Southern Drakensberg
  • Subtropical Coast of KZN to the lakes of Isimangaliso and Kosi Bay


2020 saw us cycle and run, relay style, along the entire South African coastline. Starting at the mouth of the Orange River, on the border with Namibia, we’d journey from Alexander Bay all the way to the Mozambique border at Kosi Bay. 


Experience the world in one coastline …


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Machame Route

  • Camp 1 – Machame Camp (2835m)
  • Camp 2 – Shira Camp (3750m)
  • Camp 3 – Baranco Camp (3900m)
  • Camp 4 – Barafo Camp (4673m), Base Camp
  • Stella Point (5756m) and Uhuru Peak (5895m)


We would end 2019 on a literal high … high above the clouds, on the Top of Kilimanjaro. It took us 5 days on the famous Machame Route to reach the summit of the Highest Mountain in Africa (… and the highest free-standing peak in the world, by the way!)


Standing on the Roof of Africa!


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The Original Adventure

  • The Southern Tip of Africa, Route 62, the famous Garden Route and Wild Coast … South Africa at her very best, through the Berg and the Battlefields, on to the Bushveld and the Botswana border
  • The flatlands of Botswana, up along the Makgadikgadi Pans, east of the Delta along the Hunter’s Road to the Chobe River
  • Across the Zambian border to Livingstone, the capital Lusaka and the Great East Road
  • Malawi and the majestic lake … north along it’s paradise shore
  • East toward Tanzania’s largest ocean port at Dar Es Salaam and finally north through the baobab forests to the foot of the mighty Kilimanjaro


Cross Africa began in 2019, with an epic cycle across 5 African countries, from the continent’s southern tip to the base of her highest mountain. We cycled from Agulhas in South Africa to Moshi, below Mt. Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. This 4 month journey was not only a personal adventure, but also raised funds to support the charitable works of the African Bible Societies.


Adventure with a purpose!


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